fontcandy (3)For the latest episode of From First to Last, I’m joined by Audiences Everywhere alum Jason Ooi to talk about one of his favourite shows, Futurama.

In this episode we discuss the show’s insane level of creativity with its inventions, world-building and pun work. We also get into why the show has such lasting appeal, how we both watched the first episode looking for a particular Easter egg, and I go on an extended riff about the UK TV show, Red Dwarf.

You can find the episode, and the past episodes, at Podbean by clicking here or on iTunes by clicking here. And if that’s too much work you can just press play at the bottom of this page.

In case you missed it:

The previous episode about Batman the Animated Series feat. Richard Newby can be found here and here, and is definitely worth a listen for fans of Batman and Richard Newby (two people I’ve never seen in the same room…coincidence?)