From First to Last Movie Special: The Terminator/Terminator Genisys

For the latest episode of From First to Last, I’m joined by Anton Reyes for a special movie episode about The Terminator, looking at the 1984 original and the most recent Terminator movie, Terminator Genisys.

In this episode, we discuss how we both came to see the original, our favourite moments from the movies, how the original is a slasher movie while Genisys is a sci-fi rom-com, and our mutual freak out during the eye operating scene. We both find time to gush over our love for Arnie and Stan Winston’s incredible special effects, and give praise to James Cameron for creating something that is both incredible dated and has aged like a fine wine.

You can download the episode from PODBEAN or subscribe on iTUNES.

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Featured Image: Orion Pictures

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Sean W. Fallon
Sean W. Fallon is a movie blogger and film critic from England who lives in Australia. He is the host of the podcast From First to Last, and can be found on Twitter (@Equiatic_Bind).