Guy Ritchie’s latest film offers a new take on the legend of King Arthur and his mighty Excalibur!


King Arthur certainly looks like a Guy Ritchie film and a far cry from Sir Thomas Mallory, but given the amount of Arthur films we’ve seen over the decades, we could use a fresh perspective. Said to offer magical-realism, King Arthur looks like it will blend Ritchie penchant for tough, working class life, quick-cut editing, and a blend of high fantasy. While it’s too early to tell if the film will succeed in its tonal and stylistic balance, I’m always rooting for Ritchie and stand behind Charlie Hunnam’s rise to stardom. The legends of King Arthur are rife with material and for what’s rumored to be an eight film series focusing on the iconic king’s life and death, I certainly hope this film lives up to its potential and delivers a tale unlike what we’ve seen before. Given the popularity of Game of Thrones, and Vikings, there’s no better time to be King.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.