Two horror trailers released today, with the first full length trailer for The Gallows and the International trailer for the UK release of Eli Roth’s Knock Knock.

Let’s have a look and chat about both.

The Gallows

I’ve been searching incessantly for some inside information on The Gallows, the upcoming horror film from Blumhouse Productions.  An earlier teaser premiered before Unfriended, and it was quite jarring.  Outside of that vague but frightening snippet, though, it seems little else is known about the film. The pull quote within the snippet seems borrowed from someone in a test audience.  But that sort of viral buzz always feels like a trap (like all the folks who vomited and fainted during V/H/S?  C’mon).  So finally, today, we got an extended look at the movie, which turns out to be a found footage flick (okay, I know) capturing a group of teens breaking into a school that can only afford red light bulbs and is also haunted by the angry ghost of a student who died onstage because of a prop failure in a play.  There’s a lot of jump scares given away in these two minutes so I have to hope that maybe the film will use atmosphere and tension to live up to its early word-of-mouth promise.  Also, credit where it’s due, cute use of the toned down version of Smells Like Teen Spirit. Get it? Teens? Spirits?  Imagine how much Kurt would have loved that pun…


Knock Knock

I haven’t had enough time to recover from thinking of Keanu as John Wick.  So I was a little astonished to see two ornery teenage girls get the best of him here without him going into straight up assassin mode, particularly considering that there’s a dog to protect.

Eli Roth always tricks me with his horseshit.  His trailers always present an innovative take on a classic horror approach, only to lead into somewhat lifeless and uninspired films.  That said, I’m a sucker for a good senseless home invasion movie, and there’s some pretty cute juxtaposition of young, violent psychos and domestic illustration here.  And, honestly, both possible outcomes are appealing for me:  Either Keanu gets loose and puts a couple more kills on his recent badass kill count or we get to see how his acting holds up to being tortured to death by a couple of harmless looking teenagers.



The Gallows: Warner Bros.
Knock Knock:  Lionsgate