Director Gareth Evans is a contender for the best action director working today. His cinematography compliments his choreography in such a manner unlike anybody else working in the industry today. The action films he directs are not for the faint of heart and not for those who can’t handle an R rating. From doorway neck slams to hammer-to-the-face kills, they’re not exactly family friendly ventures. Which is why Evans decided to shoot an action short film in a week with three actors and no crew so he could finally feel comfortable showing his daughter what he does. That and this little tidbit:


Aw. Not only does this go to show how much he loves his daughter (seriously, AW) but it further illustrates that the art we consume and create matters to people of all ages.

As we saw in The Raid and The Raid 2, Evans is able to make even the shortest sequence an invigorating sequence of stunts and propulsion. It’s a brutal ballet of fists, swordplay, and game of keep-away. You can watch it here (embed disabled by request). Hopefully this gives you the adrenaline pumping (and slightly heartwarming) start to your day you need.