There’s not much to say about Olympus Has Fallen that hasn’t already been said. On second thought, there’s plenty. I didn’t like it. It felt too dour and flimsy to be entertaining but I’m all for Gerard Butler stabbing people in movies until the end of time. Every action star needs a trademark. Bruce Willis has “Yippee Ki Yay”. The Rock has The Rock Bottom. Gerard Butler has head stabs. It’s just like the old saying, “Nobody knows with what weapons World War 3 will be fought but World War 4 will involve Gerard Butler stabbing mother fuckers in the head.”

London Has Fallen seems to shift to a lighter, more self-aware tone and just goes to show everybody loves a good Mike Banning stab fest. The trailer ends with multiple shots of Banning stabbing dozens, hopefully thousands, of human beings before cutting to the exhausted duo of Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler as the latter says “I don’t know about you but I’m thirsty as fuck.” Not only is that hilarious because of the grim reality that Mike Banning is dehydrated from being a mass murderer, but it’s funny because the movie is aware of how ridiculous it all is. I realize jokes get less funny when people explain them so I’ll stop now. Let’s just take a moment to thank whoever embraced Mike Banning’s affinity for stabbing and actually let the marketing team use the following images to describe their tagline.

London Has Fallen Stabbed 4London Has Fallen Stabbed 3London Has Fallen Stabbed 2London Has Fallen Stabbed

Does this movie have better marketing than Batman v. Superman? Possibly. I didn’t like the first entry in either franchise but when special agent Mike Banning goes on a mass stabbing spree at least it’s in character. Although I’d pay good money for the third entry in the head stab trilogy to involve Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman say “His head stabbing saved us” as Mike Banning stands atop ground zero in the aftermath of a mass head stabbing battle in the aptly titled God Has Fallen.

With all my hopes for more head stabs, it’s admittedly a bummer that there isn’t a single head stab in this entire television spot. That’s okay. We all know they’re just saving the goods for when this hits theaters on March 4, 2016.