The Halloween season is starting to heat up! Announcements are being made, decorations bought, and pumpkins plumped. Just in time, here comes an Australian thriller showcasing the best of man vs. nature in a tense fight for survival in the Bolivian jungle starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Radcliffe plays Yossi Ghinsberg, author of the bestselling memoir Jungle: A Harrowing Tale of Survival on which the movie is based. It tells Ghinsberg’s tale of becoming lost in the Amazon surviving against all horrific odds. Watch this group of eager, adventurous travelers learn how unprepared they are for everything that goes wrong while they search for a lost Indian village.

The nature in this trailer is stunning which makes it worth a watch for that alone. And, coming from Australia, it might deliver on some serious cringe moments as Radcliffe transforms and learns that the jungle is no place for a man.

Jungle hits theaters October 20, 2017

Featured Image: Momentum Pictures