Sony has released a new trailer of the completely non-controversial Ghostbusters reboot for the level-headed internet to enjoy. Following the high critical acclaim from one of the most devastatingly beloved trailers in YouTube history, Paul Feig’s remix of the original blue collar paranormal janitors gets a major upgrade. In this trailer, the proton packs are more science fiction laden, ghosts seem inspired by Crimson Peak, the busting look badass and Melissa McCarthy punching a ghost to literal oblivion is something I never knew I wanted. I don’t remember if it was in the first trailer because admittedly the first trailer didn’t set the world on fire with hope. To paraphrase a quality internet meme, it just rustled some jimmies.

One of Feig’s few weak-points as a director is his attempt to make things look cinematic on a traditional scale. He’s batting 3-for-3, but up to Spy, his visual palette leaves some to be desired. It’s too soon to see how that will translate to Ghostbusters, but for now the trailer teases a candy colored affair when the ghosts are involved. Even if there’s a reappearance of Slime,r the other paranormal designs are well realized and distinct from one another. I really dug the dragon ghost at the concert, but this particular shot is killer.

Ghostbusters Ghosty Ghost

Columbia Pictures


Manbabies will continue yelling into the void about how they’re not going to watch Ghostbusters July 15, 2016. Then they’ll complain some more. For now, let’s all enjoy the trailer, remain opistimic, and agree not to tell the trolls about the all-women’s Ocean’s Eleven reboot.


Featured Image: Columbia Pictures