Jurassic World is more or less following the outline of the original Jurassic Park (not a bad outline to follow) but with a goofier edge to itself. At one point in the trailer, the characters note how the dinosaurs are communicating. It’s no longer just the velociraptors. The Indominus Rex (mystery dinosaur!) roars and appears to be establishing its dominance over a group of pterodactyls. It’s preposterous and I love it. Much like how Pacific Rim‘s grandiose battle sequence revived the sense of childlike wonder within me, dinosaurs teaming up to eat a large group of humans is as silly as it gets. Pterodactyl’s swoop down to carry hundreds of innocent bystanders – which is great since the pterodactyl sequence in Jurassic Park 3 is by far and away the best part of that entire flick – I assume they do this because they were told to bring the Indominus Rex food or something.

Killing for sport, ordering henchman around, eating minor characters? This dinosaur isn’t just a hybrid of dinosaurs, it’s a hybrid of monsters and movie villains. It’s the type of imaginative creation you’d want to see in a comic book super villain. I still wish they had kept the name Diabolous Rex if only to have the first dinosaur super villain name sound like Diabolical Rex. I could be wrong but that feels like the type of idea they’re going with here and I need this ridiculously conceived, big budget movie in my life.

Featured Image:
Jurassic World (2015), Universal Pictures