Commencement Address

We survived 2015. Audiences Everywhere is going stronger than ever. Movies are alive and well. And the world itself is, somehow, still turning.

So, I am reminded that I am supposed to be the headmaster of this school’s gifted educational staff, and as such, I have to continue my annual tradition of assessing the entire film year. (By “tradition,” of course, I mean that this is the second one of these that I have authored but, just because our site is still in its toddler stage does not mean we can’t have traditions).

Before I start, of course, a note of gratitude to everyone actively reading and anyone who has contributed anything to Audiences Everywhere in 2015. If you consider yourself to be described by either of those distinctions, you should also consider that you personally have helped me enjoy my passion for film more than I ever have. Thank you for that, and I hope that we here at AE continue to offer you an opportunity to share in that filmic love.

Now, join me in my last self-involved purge of opinion as I recap all the good and the bad that 2015’s films had to offer, starting with the newest additions to the class…

Incoming Freshman
(Best New Directors)

We Are Still Here

Dark Sky Films

3. Best New Documentary Filmmaker: Chad A. Stevens, Overburden (FilmBuff)— Stevens’ first feature length film is an expertly crafted reverse engineering job, a film that starts with a macroscopic view of a large issue and zooms in to a hyper-personal drama that communicates a dire moral lesson.

2. Best New Horror Director: Ted Geoghegan, We Are Still Here (Dark Sky Films)– You want to start off on the right foot of any craft or endeavor? Study the greats of that field and start with an understanding of what they did right. Geoghegan’s We Are Still Here is painted in the same form as the great Italian horror filmmakers.

1. Best New Director: S. Craig Zahler, Bone Tomahawk (RLJ Entertainment): Zahler is so good, that his movie shows up on multiple lists later on, so I’m going to save my words. Get clickin’ (below)!

2015 New Directors Grade: B+ (Good start!)

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