Overview:  Grumpy Cat discovers the true meaning of Christmas and she’s voiced by Aubrey Plaza. It’s actually watchable. I’m just as shocked as you are. Lifetime; 2014; Rated G; 90 minutes.

Ho, Ho, No!: after watching the biggest cash grab of the year, I have to admit that I actually enjoyed myself watching this cash grab. It serves the bare minimum of writing and production. But it’s all okay because it’s kind of really funny. They took a page out from the recent 21 Jump Street movies and instilled a meta-humor approach. Grumpy Cat, voiced by Aubrey Plaza, constantly addresses the audience in a monotone voice. They’re aware how terrible it all is. Of course there’s no greater integration in the meta-humor into the plot at hand so it’s all just extra frosting on top of a sloppily made cake. But the cake is still good enough to satisfy.

There are plenty of snarky remarks aimed at Lifetime executives to last you, well, a lifetime. A reference to the movie’s noticeably small budget in regards to which parts of a mall may be destroyed are priceless. When the movie attempts to actually throw in some plot twists and stakes, even Grumpy Cat sighs with the audience and continues to comment on the ridiculousness of it all. This movie gets so tired of itself that Aubrey Plaza makes a cameo from the recording studio to remind us she’s the star. It’s awful and I ate it up.


Decent Movie, Good Time: I can’t stress how this movie just shouldn’t work. For a theatrical release, it’s not good. It functions on the most basic level possible. It’s enjoyable to watch in a cutesy, schmaltzy, ABC family type of way. It’s like Halloweentown but for Christmas and half as good. But the movie is so preposterous that I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel. There, I said it. I want a Grumpy Cat sequel. I want Grumpy Cat Goes Hawaii and Grumpy Cat Does Disco. Get some other internet memes involved there too. But bring back the principle cast and crew to bring the trilogy to a satisfying conclusion.

Maybe Lifetime is the wrong channel to host a movie like this. I would have aimed to sell this movie to ABC family to add to their 25 Days of Christmas. Maybe they passed on it. Their loss. Now children can gather around every year for the new Grumpy Cat Christmas tradition. Even if the movie doesn’t fully entertain you with its mindless plot and cheaply funny jokes, there are worse movies to watch during the holiday season.

Grade: C+