Twitter is getting shittier and shittier. We still have the joy of the weird Twitter comic personalities, the occasional celebrity slip up, and Cher. But we’ve been inundated with an influx of Pepe-avatared Nazis, Trump supporters misspelling everything more complex than an M, an A, a G, and another A, and the executive and design Twitter teams deciding the best way to take care of all of that is by changing the default avatar picture and letting more people to be @’d in replies.

Any time a celebratory event starts to turn the too’ls tide back toward its glorious and joyful past, our loathsome attention addict and Twitter-holic of a president chimes in and everyone just vomits.

And don’t even get me started on the thinkpieces.

But every now and then, Twitter randomly showcases its potential as an educational and engaging entertainment platform. And by “every now and then,” I mean, “When Guillermo del Toro talks on Twitter.”

If you like films, or fantasy, or art, or thinking and learning, there is a good chance that Guillermo del Toro is the best person you could possibly follow on Twitter. The famed myth-making, world-building, aesthetically ingenious filmmaker has used his Twitter timeline to toss together a syllabus of film-making philosophy and art history, a near-daily stream of reading and watching recommendations, and a library of first person knowledge from not just one of the world’s greatest directors, but one of the world’s sharpest film fans.

This holiday weekend, del Toro, who’s proven to know a thing or two about monsters and beauty, shared some thoughts and facts on conceptual monster making as well as a short treatise on aesthetic philosophy, artistic history, and the beauty of the temporal.

You can enjoy both discussions below, but you can also just follow @RealGDT and enjoy this kind of thing every week.


And then this…


Featured Image: Warner Bros.