It’s never too early to start thinking about horror season, and today Universal Pictures dropped the full trailer for Happy Death Day, hitting theatres on Friday the 13th of October. Blumhouse is on a roll lately, now bringing us the story of Tree, a girl who seems doomed to repeat the same day reliving her own murder over and over again. In order to escape this personal nightmare, she has to find out who her killer is.

It might seem like we already have too many weird Groundhog Day rip-offs, but just a second: Happy Death Day seems like it just might be self-aware enough to pull it off. In any case, it looks like the perfect movie to grab a bunch of girlfriends and some wine and start howling at the moon in laughter. The trailer suggests Tree gets killed a different way every time and we can always use creative deaths, right? It looks like it was a blast to make, so here’s hoping it’s as much fun to watch.

Featured Image: Universal Pictures