Overview: Things go hilariously wrong when a group of idiot friends attempt a kidnapping in order to save their business. New Line Cinema. 2014. Rated R. 108 Minutes.

Wait, this is a sequel?: That’s what you’ll be asking yourself as you watch this film. While Director/Writer Sean Anders managed to not tell the exact same story twice (I’m looking at you, Hangover Part II and III), the plot lacks any originality. Sure, this time the boys attempt kidnapping instead of murder, but the basic premise is the same. Nick, Dale, and Kurt create a hair-brained scheme and everything that can go wrong, goes disastrously wrong. The character they try to kidnap (just like the character they try to kill in the original) takes the plan into his own hands and tries to pin everything on the boys. Then, just when you think they are royally screwed, they somehow manage to convince the police of their innocence all while delivering the true bad guy. Along with plot repetition, comes joke repetition. The characters reference jokes made in the first film so often that the majority of the new jokes fall flat. It’s hard to find a movie hilarious when you are experiencing Deja-vu the entire time.

Casting:  Chris Pine is, without a doubt, the best part of this film. He plays the rich pretty boy/tool flawlessly. He’s such an ass, you will feel yourself wanting to kidnap him for ransom too! The most surprising part of his performance, however, is his ability to play crazy so convincingly. We’ve seen him play the cocky guy before (Star Trek), but his character in this film is hilariously insane. He “fight clubs” himself, forces the gang to kidnap him, and even debates cutting off his own toe for authenticity.

Jason Sudeikis is, on the other hand, the worst part of the film. Compared to the original, Kurt becomes a complete ignoramus, his stupidity on level with Dale. He over-acts so much the entire time, it feels like he’s in a spoof of the original movie instead of a standalone comedy. The other disappointment in casting, simply put:  Christoph Waltz doesn’t have a larger role.

Silver lining: Don’t get me wrong, the movie isn’t all bad. There are definitely some silver linings. For one, Jamie Foxx has a larger role in the sequel, and it’s refreshing. He provides more laughs than any other character with his horrible advice that sounds just stupid enough to work, and his edgy demeanor. Also, there are really funny subtleties to the film that stand out more than any of the one-liners. For instance, the cat tower just sitting in the back of Foxx’s car and the website name (nickkurtdale.com). Horrible Bosses 2 is by no means the best comedy of the year, but it is still worth watching. You will laugh an adequate amount and you will be entertained, you just won’t see anything original.

Grade: C