Overview: A hypersensitive policewoman (Reese Witherspoon) must protect the a drug boss’ wife (Sophia Vergara) from being killed. Warner Bros. Pictures; 2015; PG-13; 87 Minutes.

Not That Hot: The film really isn’t funny or exciting, nor does it have any flavor at all. It’s a very generic buddy road-trip comedy with flat characters. I can usually get through a comedy that’s formulaic, but this film just isn’t a comedy. It’s just an hour and a half of characters going through the usual plot points. There’s nothing even remotely funny in the movie.  It’s not even the crude or slapstick humor that some people love and others not so much; it’s just boring and unfunny dialogue  painfully delivered. The film is so unfunny that it could almost pass as a tonally confused thriller. It takes itself so seriously at times, making you forget you’re even watching a comedy. It honestly feels like someone threw together the scripts of The Heat and Run All Night.

Let’s Be Comedians: Speaking of, this film is nowhere near The Heat, both by measure of its writing and in terms of the two leads. Reese Witherspoon, who started out in comedy (and who is hot off an Academy award nomination, by the way), is pretty terrible here. She plays a high-strung policewoman who is strictly by-the-book. Sort of like a law-keeping version of Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory, only with even worse comedic timing. Sophia Vergara basically plays the same Colombian woman she plays in Modern Family. The pair’s on-screen chemistry is horrible. Their interviews and Twitter conversations together have more chemistry.

Overall: Hot Pursuit is bland, unfunny, and tonally confused. I probably would’ve been just as entertained and less confused watching an hour and a half of the screen turned off.

Rating: F