The Huntsman: Winter’s War first official trailer released today, and plays as though the new film is a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman, even though the production has already been announced as a prequel. Charlize Theron’s Evil Queen goes so far as to seemingly acknowledge Chris Hemsworth’s Hunstman as if they know each other, a factor of their relationship which viewers are clued in on a moment later, when the latest footage shows the Huntsman as a child in the service of the Evil Queen and her younger sister, Emily Blunt’s Ice Queen. Jessica Chastain plays the romantic interest of Hemsworth, so if this is a prequel, so we can kind of expect to see her killed off by the end credits.

See the first official trailer below:

There are also some snazzy posters to share with you all. This cast is ridiculously attractive, and they’ll be throwing lots of weird magic stuff at each other, so let’s just sit back and appreciate that for a moment.

See the first official posters below:




The Hunstman: Winter’s War hits theaters April 22nd, 2016.

Featured Image: Universal Pictures