This week, I was invited to provide  a short editorial segment for Pan Tilt Zoom, an exceptional new film filmcast started by Tim and Tyrell. I was prompted to discuss my most exhilarating cinema-going experience, which also happens to be my first cinema-going experience (here’s a hint: it’s about a July 4th alien invasion).

You can hear my story in the video below, but be sure to stick around for the rest of the program as Tim and Tyrell discuss ambiguous film endings and welcome guest Sandy, who is starting his own new YouTube series called My First Impressions ([twitter-follow username=”Sandy_Slade” scheme=”dark”]), in which he attempts to watch and discuss the IMDb Top 250 films.

Also make sure that you subscribe to both Pan Tilt Zoom and My First Impressions on YouTube and follow Pan Tilt Zoom on Twitter: [twitter-follow username=”PanTiltZoomShow” scheme=”dark”]

Thanks again to Tim and Tyrell for having me on. Hope you enjoy!