Overview:  Ilsa is an infamous and well respected warden at a Nazi prison camp.  She conducts “medical experiments’” on the camps female prisoners. Cambis Films; 1975; Unrated; 96 Minutes.

Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS (Don Edmonds, 1975)

The Truth: I should start by saying that in no way do I condone anything related to the Nazis or their deplorable actions, nor do I support any hatred toward any race of people. But I love exploitation films.  Even more so, I love nazisploitation. But more importantly I love Dyanne Thorne. Filming on the set of Hogan’s Heroes, director Don Edmonds created this– the greatest nazisploitation film– and brought to the screen the most evil, vile, and big breasted villainess the world of exploitation cinema has ever known.

A General Introduction of the Plot: Ilsa is trying to prove her theory that women can withstand more pain and punishment than men and that they should be able to fight on the front lines.  Ilsa takes a liking to a young US Soldier who is part of a group of military prisoners captured and dumped into her camp.  She has him brought to her chambers and has her way with him, not knowing of his ability to hold his orgasm in as long as he wants (Yes, this is a huge plot point…for real.) While she is conducting horrid experiments on the female prisoners that  Josef Mengele would be proud of, she is being driven crazy at night by the aforementioned soldier.  And all the while, she’s getting ready to report to Hitler with her findings. Ilsa has a lot going on…

Sooo… Why Should You Care?: The film is highly regarded in the horror, exploitation, and cult movie scenes.  The script was so farfetched, Edmonds at first refused to direct.  But money talks, and he went on to direct two sequels as well. Just about everything from costumes, dialogue and set pieces are accurate to the time period. So who cares if some of their “German” machine guns are actually the United States issued versions? I don’t! What I care about is the gore, the smut, and the sleaze of it all! Are smut and sleaze the same thing? Sure, but again, I don’t care! The gore and torture scenes look fantastic for the limited budget, the acting isn’t good but that’s what makes it enjoyable. Who needs a good actor or actress in a B-Movie when you have Mrs. Thorne’s two incomparable assets?

Real Talk: I have been an avid horror fanatic since I was five years old and now I get a little weird with it. With horror branching into sub-genre’s galore, exploitation films are some of my favorite, and quality is a secondary concern. As a film She Wolf  hit’s on all the right levels and while it isn’t for everyone I recommend it to every horror/exploitation fan that’s never seen it, just for its stature within the genre.

Grade: B+