Last week, April Wolfe at LA Weekly wrote a gentle primer on the morality and social applicability of horror films, especially in this day and age. Not to be mistaken for some generic and newly-discovered truth, she takes the time to remind us of horror’s constant and powerful parallel with the times we live in. Horror fans have been screaming this from the rooftops since time began, so you’ll forgive me for echoing her sentiments.

Right now, as genre filmmaking remains popular in all demographics, we need to treat horror with the air of importance it deserves for decoding our social issues.

There is always room for more fans in horror, there are always more stories to be told, and there will always be social demons to fight. Horror needs your support and your creative mind, perhaps now more than ever. Grab a friend and get afraid. Not sure what’s coming on the genre radar? Stay tuned to AE to find out.

Featured Image: Netflix