Jack is an English guy who grew up in the British equivalent of Springfield, and is only just realising the connection between that and his love for The Simpsons.

He’s a recent university graduate after studying English Literature, where he spent three years pretending to read while he went to the cinema. For some reason it only occurred to him recently that he should start writing about these movies instead of drunkenly arguing with strangers about how Alien is far superior to Aliens.
David Lynch is his favourite director, and he will die protecting his vision – that is if he ever makes another film.

Jack is always open to conversations about why a movie is great, bad, or downright offensive, as well as the ongoing debate over whether Jai Courtney is a real human man.
His favourite movies include Swedish Vampire Coming-of-Age films, Epic Meditations on Science and Evolution, and – well, Spider-Man 2 is kind of amazing, isn’t it?