The Kennedys are an endlessly fascinating family, but so much of the biopics and stories centered around their great and tragic lives have focused on the men of the family. A major part of what makes Pablo Larrain’s Jackie so anticipated is that it’s not only a new angle on this tragedy but looks to explore the role of First Lady unlike any film before. This doesn’t look to simply be a broadly drawn biopic like so many films that crop up during awards season are, but an intimately drawn character study of a haunting responsibility and legacy.

There’s a staggering authenticity on display in this trailer for Jackie. Not only in the casting and makeup, but also the quality of film that seems to transport us back to 1963. Our money’s on a Best Picture nomination for this one, but even more exciting is that Natalie Portman’s performance looks like a standout in a year of standout female performances. Every year Best Actor is the buzziest award outside of Best Picture, but this year we think Best Actress is going to be the one to talk about, and you can bet Portman’s name will be in everyone’s mouth.

Jackie arrives in theaters in the US on December 2, 2016.

Featured Image: Fox Searchlight Pictures