On that fateful night that Jason Ooi was born, the high temperature was 74 degrees, the low was 66, and the wind speed was 5 miles per hour in the north, northwest direction.

Currently, Jason is a high school student in a small, generally movie ignoring city in California, one ironically located a short drive away from Hollywood. Due to the lack of movie conversations occurring in his real life, he took to the internet, first participating in the comment sections of reviews from other critics before writing them themselves. He started his website, JasonWatchesMovies.com in September, and writes for a number of local and online publications, including this one!

His favorite genre is that which fucks with his mind. His favorite directors include David Lynch, Paul Thomas Anderson, Edgar Wright, Wes Anderson, and he will watch anything that Charlie Kaufman makes ever. His favorite movies are Synecdoche, New York, American Psycho, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, It’s Such a Beautiful Day, Warrior, Magnolia, and Mr. Nobody. He watched The Tree of Life recently and teared up- a product of both pure, unadulterated emotion and yawning.

Anyways, I hear he’s a pretty cool guy. He loves talking about movies- so don’t be afraid to comment or talk to him about anything.