Marvel’s first season of Daredevil on Netflix turned out to be a huge success for everyone involved. It also happened to be the darkest thing Marvel Studios had ever done. Decapitations, suicide, and torture were commonplace in that series, falling more in line with the Frank Miller version of the character. When initial teasers for Jessica Jones began to hit the web, the marketing seemed more in line with other MCU works: A lighter-fun tone bolstered by significant choices of catchy music, and featured superpowers. One of those things was present in the first official trailer.

What this trailer vibe gives off is Daredevil with Krysten Ritter, who will finally get to show how talented she is to her biggest audience yet, and how someone deals with superpowers in the same seedy underbelly of New York. I’m not too familiar with the Alias comic series the show is basing itself on, but I like the idea of a superhero noir. I also enjoy the scariness of David Tennant’s Purple Man and the hold he appears to have over the world. In the comics, Purple Man’s superpower is his ability of manipulation and convincing people to do whatever he wants. The world is his and we’re just living in it. To have that conveyed so well and efficiently is impressive.

I would like if these Marvel shows would try to go for a lighter tone for once, but the show is still young and will have time to get more experimental in later seasons. The show is still establishing itself against the growing pantheon of summer blockbusters that gross a billion dollars every year. And hey, we even get Luke Cage earlier than his show’s premiere. Thanks, Jessica Jones.

Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix on November 20th, 2015.

Featured Image: Netflix