MillerJonathan Miller

When opportunity knocks, our trusted contributor Jon Miller simply continues to lay on the couch. From humble beginnings, Jon has continued to embrace and project the mediocrity that has defined some of our greatest milquetoasts. Despite these flaws, and perhaps due to his liberal arts education, he has developed a keen sense of being and understanding. A traditional philosopher at heart, Jon strives to question the human condition. He ends up wrong most of the time, but at least he is trying.

Somehow, throughout all of his fledgling efforts, Jon has found success as a family man and information technology consultant. He enjoys playing the guitar, reading the occasional book, tasting various craft beers, and participating in (mostly watching) various sports. He also loves movies, and for this we at Audiences Everywhere are lucky.  His tastes in movies are hard to define, he loves spaghetti westerns, 70’s action films, comedies, and anything that has Coen associated with it.  He may be the least qualified writer on staff, but is damn sure ready to take the scene by storm. Get ready to be underwhelmed.