Personally, I’ve gone every which way about this movie. I’m huge a fan of the cast and director, and yes, I even like the Fantastic Four characters. Here’s the thing with this Fantastic Four (or is it Fant4astic? FantFourstic?), for a movie that has been under severe criticism from fans (most of it unfair, as usual with fans) this movie needed to release a big teaser that shakes the earth beneath our feet. Just like Ant-Man should have. Also similar to Ant-ManFantastic Four (I’ve decided not to call it that other thing) mostly drops the ball on that.

It all looks good. It’s nice to know this is a movie that exists. The trailer opens with a man (Reg E. Cathey as Dr. Franklin Storm) discussing the responsibility mankind has to furthering science for our benefits. It’s talking about discovery, but we see so little of it that the dialogue falls a little flat for me. There’s interesting imagery with the Four exploring an alternate universe but we never get to see much of it. Obviously they don’t want to show too much but you’ve gotta give me something to grab onto here. Where is the sense of wonder? You’ve just opened an inter-dimensional gateway. This is worthy of multiple science boners. No Spielberg reaction shots with swelling music? Come on, guys. I’m practically setting up your next trailer for you.

No signs of Toby Kebbell as Victor Domashev/Doom, the anti-social hacker either but that’s probably for the best. The “containment suits” are straight out of the original X-Men films, which are the definition of not holding up to scrutiny. It’s leftover from a time when realism in superhero movies was key. It’s pause for concern. And then we end with a hero shot that gave me chills. Where was that the whole trailer? Please, more of that.

Let’s get one thing straight: Johnny Storm’s ethnicity doesn’t matter. Michael B. Jordan is one of the best upcoming actors in Hollywood. Before you can say “What if we changed Black Panther to a white man?” that’s not the same thing since that character is the King of an African country. Changing Johnny Storm’s ethnicity is no more serious than changing Bruce Wayne to being black (No, that wouldn’t be a big deal either). Johnny Storm still isn’t the problem with this trailer but I still 100% support this casting decision.

Let’s get one more things straight, just for good measure: These aren’t traditional superheroes. The Fantastic Four are more Star Trek than Avengers. This trailer merely hints at touching on these differences. We don’t need anymore hints. We just need to know if it looks good. And it looks, fine. Like an early Bryan Singer X-Men movie. It will probably be a good movie when all is said and done. It just won’t be a true Fantastic Four movie.

The trailer will be in theaters alongside Kingsman: The Secret Service and Fantastic Four hits theaters August 7, 2015.