We shouldn’t judge the quality of one artistic endeavor by comparing it to another. That’s like comparing one of your friends to another friend, which is a big no-no. At least don’t tell anyone your personal preference. Judge them on their own accord. The Jungle Book trailer is good and worth talking about. There’s a sense of wonder and awe as we see Mowgli explore a familiar world through new live action lens. Scarlett Johansson narrates the trailer as a character I will not spoil (it’s a nice reveal). Tragically, she doesn’t return to the role as Samantha from Her.

The unfortunate truth is after watching the Creed trailer a few dozen times and ugly crying, there was no interest in watching The Jungle Book trailer again. The trailer is good enough to warrant interest for when it hits theaters April 15, 2016:

Featured Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures