Here it is, folks! Our first look at the film comics fans have been waiting decades for: Justice League!

The first notable thing about the footage is that it definitely plays up the humor aspect instead of the action, after all that was a major complaint in regards to Batman v Superman‘s critical reception. But given where that film leaves off, the enhanced optimism of Justice League fits. It’s clear from the way its edited and the music that this is Comic-Con footage meant to gain favor with the naysayers as opposed to an actual trailer, but even with the limited scope of what we see here, it looks like something to get excited about!

It seems that Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen will have a large role in the film’s humor with Batman being the straight man, a role have fulfilled in the various multimedia properties. Aquaman may end up surprising people the most as general audiences may not yet be aware of how awesome he is, but they will be. Even with the additional humor, Justice League still has that Zack Snyder sense of cool and comic book composition. With Snyder, Johns, and Terrio, Justice League may be the first Zack Snyder film that satisfies both his fans and detractors. As long as Justice League continues to ask the big questions and take risks, it’ll be a film worthy of its wait.


They look like gods. They look like heroes. They look perfect.

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Warner Bros.

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