Katherine is a vibrant [read: quiet], witty [read: reserved], baby-faced [read: mousy] technical writer whose passion lies in music, literature, travel, and crafting (she feels your judgment on the last item, and she is offended by it). She grew up in Northern Virginia, where she spent a very happy childhood enjoying every advantage a middle-class white girl could have, although her bedroom was rather small. For this suffering, her parents have apologized.

Katherine received her education at Virginia Tech, and then moved to West Virginia where she began her “career” as a technical writer, which we shall pretend she meant to do all along. We shall forget that she once dreamed of working for a publishing company in Boston, and that she wanted to play in a professional orchestra, and that she wanted to maybe get a PhD if Boston didn’t work out. Technical writing was the plan all along, okay? And the community orchestra isn’t that bad. Well, they’re pretty bad, but the people love playing music, and that’s what matters.

But what makes her a credible film critic? Perhaps it’s her liberal arts degree, which taught her how to criticize pretty much anything (and led her to spend a semester practicing Buddhism, which she still swears was the most relaxed three months of her life…and to try on Vegetarianism for 10 months, which ended when someone offered her a piece of jerk chicken). Perhaps it’s her love of a good story, or her self-proclaimed ability to recognize shoddy writing. Whatever it is, Katherine is here, and she is critiquing.

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