Here’s our first-look at Ryan Coogler’s hotly antcipated Black Panther!

The teaser gets major points for showing off some of the African culture and design at play in the film and really showcasing a setting that finally takes us away from the U.S. While the film’s cinematography looks like somewhat of a departure from the grounded, street-level style that’s defined Coogler’s previous films, despite returning collaborator Rachel Morrison, it also looks to have its own visual palate, while still fitting in with the overall MCU house-style. I will point out that some of the costumes don’t look so different from the ones seen in the Thor: Raganarok trailer (though they do look cool), but hopefully Black Panther‘s voice will become more apparent as we see more from the film. Coogler’s film is still in post-production so there’s clearly some work to still be done on the CG, but for a first tease I think this will get folks talking in a good way. Black Panther is currently my most antcipated film on Marvel’s upcoming slate and I really hope that the film can triumphantly stand apart from the pack while simialtaneously standing alongside Marvel’s greatest films.

Also, how awesome does Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger look?

Black Panther claws its way into theaters on February 16th, 2018!

Featured Image: Walt Disney Studios