I grew up in a household that was very against Marilyn Manson, mostly because of rumours that he’d sold his soul to the devil (not the rumour about his rib removal that spread across every single elementary school like the worst urban legend) but that didn’t bother me because I was not the rebellious type and also personally terrified of him. When Mechanical Animals came out in 1998 I remember being horrified and intrigued by the cover every time I walked into a music store. I had so many questions, and nobody could seem to answer them. Of course, as I got older I came to learn about Manson and his thoughtful, highly educated, and compassionate side, but I still think he’s a genius pick for a scary movie. That’s why I’m psyched about Let Me Make You a Martyr, which hits streaming services on June 6th. This is a tale of abuse, revenge, and looks to be absolutely dripping with controversy and dread. Manson looks like a formidable mix of a predator and a guy warped by his past who has nothing left to lose. I’m in line for that, where are you?

Featured Image: Iscariot Films