Look! A spark of joy!

It’s no secret Lupita Nyong’o  was at SDCC this year promoting Black Panther. But she also secretly blessed fans with her presence at San Diego Comic-Con in a fabulously sparkly pink Power Ranger disguise/cosplay. She danced her way through the crowd, chatting and posing with unknowing patrons and just generally had an amazing time, as everybody should at Comic-Con. This amateur cosplayer wholeheartedly approves, and also wonders, who else has been hiding right under our noses dressed as Stormtroopers or Spiderman?

Today she revealed her secret in a tweet, along with a montage of her joyful, silly dancing which, I don’t know about you, but it’s everything I need right now. Feel good for at least one minute:

Featured Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures