All this week, in anticipation for the return of Twin Peaks,  we’re going to be featuring writing from our staff about the work of David Lynch.

Adjacent to that, I’m also going to be sharing fascinating articles and videos from other sources about the scope, skill, and impact of the famed but perplexing director.

Between 2007 and 2009, David Lynch went on a 16 country tour to discuss his passion for transcendental meditation. Film students from all over the world compiled footage of the tour and discussions into a documentary entitled Meditation, Creativity, and Peace, which has been made available by the David Lynch Foundation on their YouTube Channel (and you can watch it below):

After one screening of the film, Lynch, comedian Russell Brand, and David Lynch Foundation Executive Director Bob Roth took the stage for an enlightening Q&A, with forty minutes of an uncharacteristically open and candid Lynch. Hammer Museum shared video of this Q&A on Vimeo, which you can watch below!

David Lynch: Meditation, Creativity, Peace Q&A from Hammer Museum on Vimeo.

Discovery Credit: Refocused Media

Featured Image: David Lynch Foundation