Bummer. I just started dating someone recently but it looks like that’s over with thanks to Channing Tatum and his group of abs buddies. For fucks sake, Joe Manganiello uses the power of his penis to open a bottle of water. They can’t be stopped. I wouldn’t want to date me anymore when these men exist.

The first Magic Mike had the flare of any Soderbergh flick, which is honestly nothing but good. His atmosphere, the energy, his management of actors. It was just a good movie. If you haven’t seen Magic Mike, put your insecurities away and watch it. You’ll have a good time.

Magic Mike XXL looks to be just as entertaining in its fictionalized depiction of Tatum’s time as a stripper. I’m not familiar with the director but I do know he has been assistant directing for several decades. This is his big chance to make waves. One area of concern for me is the seedier vibe from the trailer. Please don’t let this go the route of Kick-Ass 2 or any other increasingly disgusting franchise killer.

Yes, I do believe there is potential for a franchise within the Magic Mike universe. Think about it: This movie is about Mike and company going on a road trip to a stripper convention from Tampa to Myrtle Beach. That’s ridiculous in all the proper franchise building ways. Magic Mike 3 should go to Europe for a giant stripper party where they come across Jason Statham and Felicity Jones who run the biggest strip club in the world. Get Nicholas Winding Refn to direct it, obviously. Call it Magic Mike 3: All or Nothing. Then we can go real crazy for a hard science fiction trilogy of Mike’s stripping adventures… in space! Magic Mike4 : Hard SciFi (directed by Ridley Scott) before transitioning to Magic Mike 5: The World is Not Enough (The Wachowskis will directed the shit out of this) for a tale of Empire Strikes Back level of proportions and finishing off with Magic Mike 6: Infinity Wars (James Gun for the final installment). BOOM. We’ve just allowed Mike to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Somebody get Kevin Feige on the phone.