I’m not sure if we need a remake of The Magnificent Seven set in the Old West but this trailer at least makes the movie look appropriately magnificent. Antoine Fuqua is definitive hit or miss. He hopped from Olympus Has Fallen (a bad movie) to Equalizer (Dave’s favorite movie) to Southpaw (an aggressively bad movie) in the span of three years. I find the director gets too caught up in some of the grimier aspects of his work. Perhaps the setting of a western will be an appropriate fit for him in this scenario?

Denzel Washington leads a cast of all star talent some of which I am familiar with and others I’ve never seen before. Everyone tells me they’re all star talent too so I’m going to take their word for it. Also, Chris Pratt wears another vest and he looks pretty good.

The Magnificent Seven opens September 23, 2016.

The Girl on the Train

From the director of The Help and Get On Up comes the wannabe sequel to Gone Girl only more trashy and David Fincher-y. This trailer doesn’t do much but it does tease more Emily Blunt in preparation for her role as Captain Marvel (who she will most certainly be cast as). I’ve been told the book is a fun read similar to Gone Girl but none of that melodramatic entertainment from Fincher’s keen touch is present here. Then again, this is only a tease and at least one or two more trailers will follow to try and convince me to watch this movie. I’m rooting for you, Girl on a Train. I can’t get enough soapy mystery schlock in my life. Cool final shot though.

The Girl on the Train opens October 7, 2016 to further recapture that Gone Girl vibe.