Marvel released the trailer for their latest foray into television this morning:

There’s been a lot of hype from Marvel about the IMAX cameras used to shoot the Inhumans, and while there’s plenty of wide shots, the show’s production design looks like standard high-concept, basic network television. It certainly doesn’t look bad (though Medusa’s hair extenstions certainly leave a lot to be desired), but for a property that Marvel Comics has been trying hard to push for several years, and a former film on Marvel Studios’ film slate, there isn’t much here to get excited about for viewers outside of comic fandom.

Showrunner Scott Buck, who didn’t exactly set the world aflame with Iron Fist, has a chance to shake off the aversion to weirdness that hobbled the former show, and make Inhumans the X-Men level propety Marvel is hoping for. With Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD having already introduced the concept of the Inhumans, hopefully this show can follow in the course it’s set and deliver more quality Marvel television.

The first two episodes of the eight episode series will premeire theatrically on IMAX screens Sept 1st, with the television premire on September 29th.

Featured Imaage: ABC