Here’s our first look at footage from Taika Waititi’s highly-anticipated Marvel film, Thor: Ragnarok!

By Odin’s beard, is this what post-Mad Max: Fury Road superhero movies look like? If so, I’m ready for the Bifrost to take me, because Thor: Ragnarok looks transcendent.

If the weirdness of that opening sentence didn’t turn you off, neither will Taika Waititi’s take on the Thor mythology, as it’s showcased here in the first Thor: Ragnarok trailer. After trying Thor out in the Shakespearean drama and fantasy-adventure genres, Marvel Studios seems to be trusting Waititi with taking the God of Thunder to the realm of absurd science-fiction, and this trailer has got me sold. Everything from demon goddess Cate Blanchett (potraying Hela) to the junkyard gladiator planet is captured with genuine excitement and whimsy- something I never would’ve thought I’d feel watching a Thor film. Also, it looks like a Thor film will finally capture the full range of Chris Hemsworth’s comedic talent. I especially love how Hemsworth and Waititi subvert the recent trope of “superhero fighting superhero because drama and manpain”  by having Thor showing his giddiness over fighting his “friend from work.” Utter perfection.

Thor: Ragnarok swoops into theaters on November 3rd, 2017.

Featured Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures