It’s a tough thing to fake but a tougher thing to admit.  At this point in film history, you could probably watch a great movie every day for the rest of your life and still not catch them all.  Even still, there are some that you need to see, movies so pronounced in their cultural place that if you claim to be a movie fan, the assumption is that you have seen them.  And sometimes it’s easier not to correct that assumption.  So I’ve avoided this confession for years, sometimes outright lying and faking it through all of the cultural common knowledge that is now tied to the movie.  But… *deep breath*… I have never watched a Star Wars movie.  And I’m going to today, while you all document my reaction in real-time.  This page should update without refreshing, so sit back and enjoy.

One hitch.  Since this is a tough thing to admit I am requiring that we treat this like a support group.  If you’re in this post, you are obligated to go to the comment section and admit a movie that you’ve never seen or have faked seeing.  It’s only fair.  Here we go!

Star Wars[liveblog]