Here’s our new look at The Mummy, the first in Universal’s impending Monsterverse franchise!

The Mummy looks like a pretty cool blend of action, adventure, and horror. In fact, it doesn’t look so different from the Brendan Fraser film except for it’s modern day setting, and the presence Tom Cruise (this isn’t a bad thing as those first two Fraser movies were very entertaining). The tone and style isn’t particularily unsurprising since Universal is hoping to launch a franchise worthy of going up against the superhero-led cinematic universes. We’d never bet against a blockbuster led by Cruise, and Sofia Boutella is becoming a welcoming screen presence. Add in the intrigue of Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll and you can bet we’ll be there for this monster showdown!

The Mummy unwraps on June 9th, 2017!

Featured Image: Universal Pictures