Sometimes, after you watch a movie, you may find yourself thinking, “Man, I would love to have my own Necromonican or Holy Grail,” and you imagine all of the wonderful things you would do with such an item. The thing is, these dreams can be a reality.

Recently the Batmobile from the 1989 Batman movie went on sale in Russia for a million dollars. A cool million is too much to spend on a car, but for a Batmobile it’s a steal. And the Batmobile isn’t the only movie item you can get on the net.

eBay is full of props, not replicas, from movies that you can have in your own room for quite reasonable prices. Over the years I’ve seen all kinds of props appear, some weird, some awesome. I mean, we’ve all wanted to own the saw from Saw, an Ocean’s 11 poker chip, or the actual costume worn by Robin Williams in Hook, and at one point or another these have all been available to own. I’m sure there’s a lucky buyer out there now finally cosplaying his version of Peter Pan in which Peter has a side business of gambling and sawing a dude’s legs off.

A few years ago, for a cool 7.5 million you could buy the Blue Cloud movie ranch. The ranch is full of elaborate background sets featuring such scenes as Third World country, foreign courtyard, gas station/diner, desert area, 1950s ghost town, and a vast cave. Yes, 7.5 million is a lot of money but at the same time, you would own a 1950s ghost town. Think of the Halloween parties!

With all the above in mind, we at Audiences Everywhere like to stay on top of the game. That’s why we’re opening AEbay to get in on this movie prop thing and make some of that batmobile money.

Check out some of our range today!

The mask worn by Immortan Joe in Mad Max: Fury Road

Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures

Now that Immortan Joe is riding the road to Valhalla, he won’t be needing that mask anymore. Made with the hair of his victims and genuine horse teeth, the mask has been inspiring fear in his enemies since the air wasn’t irradiated. Wear it for parties, office meetings, or simply when you’ve finally become a warlord in a radioactive wasteland. Supplement your stylin’ mask with a plastic body suit to cover up your hideous sores and wow your ‘brides’ with it. Buy it now a tank of guzzoline or precious, precious water!

Disclaimer: Sores not included. Audiences Everywhere does not endorse slavery, despotism, or murder.

Buyer’s review:

Gu22oline_Dream: Wore this to the club. Couldn’t work out how to drink through it and every girl I spoke to told me that I killed the world. Still single and the mask is stuck on my head. It stinks and I’ve let to find a way to eat through the horse teeth. Send help.

Water and Cheetos from Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL

Warner Bros. Pictures

How much for the water and Cheetos? We’ll tell you, Big Dick Richie. The actual Cheetos and water from the floor of the gas station in which a drugged out erotic dancer tried to thaw the cold, bored face of the attendant can be yours! Each Cheetos is individually numbered making this a rare opportunity for you to say, “That Cheetos hanging around my neck in a vial of water isn’t just any Cheeto; it’s a Big Dick Richie original.” Watch your friends gape in amazement as they say, “No way!”, “Wow!” and “Why did you buy that?” Supply is scarce and now that we think of it, putting a Cheeto in a vial of water will probably harm the Cheeto. Either way, each one costs a hundred dollars, and we only accept one dollar bills thrown upon our gyrating bodies.

Buyer’s Review:

SmlDKBob: This item is a rip-off and false advertising. I bought five of these Cheetos and after eating them I did not get the advertised big dick. I would return them but I ate them. Still no big dick though.

The Bear from The Revenant

The Revenant

20th Century Fox

Have you always wanted to be Leo DiCaprio? Ever wanted to be cool, handsome, loved, and buddies with Scorsese? Us too. But now the answer is here. For a limited time only you can buy the actual man-mauling bear from The Revenant. This angry mama bear will maul you anywhere: at the park, at the beach, on a date, in your bed, in your kitchen, during Christmas dinner, at your wedding (unless you’re marrying the bear, in which case it will be the happiest day of her life and she will chill), or anywhere your heart desires. Supply is limited, as we only have the one bear, so buy now for the low, low price of a thousand Leo-hasn’t-won-an-Oscar yet memes.

Disclaimer: Audiences Everywhere does not take responsibility for any injuries or epic revenge tales that come from being mauled by a bear. Audiences Everywhere is respectful of all ways of life, but consult your local laws concerning bear and human marriage.

Buyer’s Review:

LeoNoOscar: This movie ruined my life and career. I had a steady job as a meme creator. I thought my life was over when Leo picked up that station. But now, thanks to AEbay things are turning around. With the support of my bear wive – Edna – I’m in a steady nine-to-five job, making memes about Adam Sandler not having an Oscar (a job for life!) and me and Edna are expecting our first cub. Thanks AEbay!

A Spotlight from Spotlight

Open Road Films

Open Road Films

Just a spotlight. It’s basically a big light. There was a miscommunication in our ordering department. It costs whatever an actual spotlight costs.

Buyer’s Review:

John_Johns: It’s a great spotlight. Installed it in our local theater with no problems. Not sure why it came with a dozen boxes of Boston Globe articles about pedophilia, but she sure casts a great light.

Feelings from Inside Out

Walt Disney Motion Pictures

Walt Disney Motion Pictures

Don’t ask where we got them, but we have bags and bags of the little coloured balls of human being emotions and feelings. Unfortunately, we are currently sold out of those glowy gold joys, but we are chock to the gills with green disgusts, red angers, blue sadnesses, and purple fears. Maybe you’re going to a party and you want to be utterly disgusted by everything you see. Or maybe you have a hot date and you’re not nervous enough. Or perhaps your neighbour is playing loud music and you don’t care, but you know you should care. In that case, take some angers and get yourself on the evening news for your gross overreaction. We’ve found the best use for them is to take some blue sadness and watch the Bing Bong scene from Inside Out. You’ll cry until you are in a pool of pathetic tears on your living room floor wondering about the state of the world and how everything is meaningless and why won’t you come back to me, Becky? I can change! I can be better! Don’t leave me like this!

Buyer’s Review:

Foodies1232346: I took a green disgust before a wedding and puked during the meal so much that I popped out an eyeball and somehow that convinced the groom to leave my sister before the wedding was over. She’s not speaking to me anymore and I wear an eye patch. Is there a lower rating than 0 stars?


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