When they announced they were remaking The Mummy again I wasn’t hugely surprised. When they announced that the cast would be led by Tom Cruise I was massively surprised. Cruise is arguably still the biggest star in the world and The Mummy seems pretty small fry, but once it was announced he was in it along with Russell Crowe (as Dr. Henry Jekyll) Courtney B. Vance, Sofia Boutella (Star Trek Beyond) and Peaky Blinders‘ Annabelle Willis, then suddenly this jumped up into my most anticipated movies for 2017.

The trailer offers something new from the cheesy period piece Mummy movies made by Stephen Sommers and Rob Cohen, with the setting and technology brought bang up to date. The trailer opens with an incredible plane crash sequence and pretty much jumps into a plethora of action scenes as Crowe’s narration tells us that we have entered a world of Gods and monsters.

Boutella, fresh off her star making turn as Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond, looks truly monstrous and seems hell bent on destroying the world, one capital city at a time, and there are a lot of questions raised by the trailer such as is Tom Cruise undead, will this Monster Movie Cinematic Universe work, and can Alex Kurtzmann direct a good movie?

The Mummy will see theatrical release in the U.S. on June 9th, 2017.

Featured Image: Universal Pictures