writer-loves-movies-logo1After starting out life as a local government researcher, Natalie turned her attention to that long nurtured dream of a writing career. Now a film critic for local newspapers in the Midlands, Natalie spends her life obsessing about movies and writing about them.

Beasts of the Southern Wild, 21 Grams and Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca rank amongst her favourite films while Clueless continues to provide that sassy 90s fix. Natalie loves director Drake Doremus who has a special place in her heart for naturalistic romances Like Crazy and Breathless, while whimsical Wes Anderson battles it out with morbid Alejandro González Iñárritu for the top spot. Her taste in movies is a bit bipolar to say the least.

When Natalie isn’t writing she can usually be found baking something excessively chocolatey from a Nigella Lawson book or imagining what it might be like to actually afford the clothes in Vogue.

You can find Natalie on her blog Writer Loves Movies and on Twitter @writerlovesfilm.