While Neill Blomkamp hasn’t quite maintained the critical stride that catapulted his career after his debut feature, District 9, in 2009, there’s no doubt that he has carved out his place as one of our most unique genre filmmakers. With Oats Studios, Blompkamp launced an experimental film platform through which to showcase his latest short films. Fans of the director have said for some time that they’d like to see Blomkamp step away from the robotic exo-suits that became unifying aspects and aeshtetic commitments in his first three features. Oats Studios allows Blomkamp to chart a new path, to show off his vast ideas, and send a message that there’s far more to the director than what audiences have come to expect. There’s no word if any of this shorts will become features, like his previous shorts, but even with their brief runtime, there’s plenty for film fans to be excited about. Blomkamp’s first two shorts through Oats Studios, Rakka, and Firebase are available to watch below.


You can find out more about Oats Studios and how to support it here: http://oatsstudios.com/

Featured Image: Oats Studios