With all the new trailer for upcoming blockbusters seemingly taking over the news cycle, 20th Century Fox has put out a new trailer for their upcoming Fantastic Four film, reminding us there’s another superhero team we shouldn’t be forgetting about. Now I absolutely adore this trailer, more so than the teaser, because while the teaser showed us what the tone of the film would be (more of sci-fi/horror), this one had that and it packed the punch of a Marvel superhero trailer. There’s more action in this trailer to get excited about, but what stands out is the interaction between the main characters and what looks to be terrific cast chemistry. Miles Teller gets the most screen time as Reed Richards, as the trailer shows him interacting with the team. We get a sense of what his objective is and his relationships with each team member. Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan get a couple of charming quips in the trailer, and Jordan just emanates Johnny Storm, any doubts of casting should be long gone. Jamie Bell appears as Thing (though we don’t and probably wont get his voice any time soon), and Thing’s design is so rad, I can’t wait to see all these VFX shots when they’re completely done. Fantastic Four feels like Chronicle in a way now, the fun yet lingering horror feel to it. If so, I’m all on board with Josh Trank’s vision for this and I’m very convinced he has the means to pull it off. I cannot wait until it’s clobberin’ time.




Featured Image:
Fantastic Four (2015), 20th Century Fox/Marvel Entertainment