The newest season of Game of Thrones is on the horizon and from this trailer, it would seem the forecast is war. Lots and lots of war. The Great War, as Jon Snow calls it in the trailers final moments.

There was a big focus in this trailer of what is coming for the women of Game of Thrones as the Khaleesi arrives in Westeros, Sansa has poison dripped in her ear by Littlefinger, Cersei is surrounded by enemies, and Arya is on the warpath. We see a fleeting glimpse of Jaime and Tyrion, and Davos gets a bit of dialogue, but it looks as though the creators have seen the positive reviews of the treatment of the show’s female characters last year and has hopefully doubled-down on it.

The latest Game of Thrones trailer promises a lot of action and a lot of battles with just a hint of sex and a sprinkling of dragons.

Game of Thrones season seven is coming to HBO on July 16th, 2017.

Featured Image: HBO