Here’s our second look at Rupert Sanders’ Ghost in the Shell!

The visuals and production design for this movie still look absolutely fantastic, which should come as no surprise given the look of his previous film, Snow White and Huntsman. While all the trailer thus far have sold us on the aesthetic look of the film, a lot of Ghost in the Shell‘s reception, in terms of its orginality, will depend on its ability to handle the complext narrative of the manga and anime. The latest trailer gives us more of a glimpse at the story, while still mainting a sense of mystery, especially that surrounding the film’s villain played by Michael Pitt.

With the studio’s somewhat disappointing reaction to criticism of its poorly thought lead casting decision, it’ll be interesting to see whether the artistic merit of Ghost in the Shell, put on intriguing display in the trailer, can elevate the film so that it offers more than just a bad example of Hollywood whitewashing.

Ghost in the Shell will be released on March 31st, 2017.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures