Here’s our first look at Josh Boone’s New Mutants!

Woah. When Josh Boone pitched this new entry in the X-Men cinematic universe, there were mentions of The Shining and other works of Stephen King in the mix. If the broader genre of superhero films is to persevere, they’re going to have to spread their legs. Deadpool does that to an extent. Logan certainly did that with its roots in western fiction. Now New Mutants looks to join the likes of modern horror.

Personally? I think this looks like X-Men: A Cure for Wellness. As someone who adored that weird, disgusting film, I reference that with only the sincerest of compliments. There’s not much to go on in terms of story. All we have here are the establishing mood. A haunted house. Young adults. Mad science experiments. And while we don’t see any direct reference to it, the film’s primary antagonist is supposedly a character from the comics known as Demon Bear. It is both a demon and a bear. Two creatures that conjure up frightening imagery wherever they are mentioned.

Look for New Mutants to strike fear into the hearts of audiences everywhere on April 13, 2018.