Warner Bros. released a new trailer for next year’s The LEGO Batman Movie which looks to deliver the same amount of genuine humor for both kids and adults that made The LEGO Movie such an unexpected success.

This movie looks like a perfect satire of the character for modern audiences most familiar with the Dark Knight Trilogy and Batman v Superman, in the same mindset that Adam West’s Batman satirized the comic character in the 60s. The trailer taps into our familiarity with these characters and their situations, which allows the humor to be specific and steeped in comic history and fandom, as opposed to the broad comedy that most family-friendly movies aim for.

A few years ago, the very notion of LEGO movies seemed representative of a studio system grasping for ideas, but with The LEGO Movie and now this, the LEGO franchise may very well earn a spot as one of Hollywood’s most imaginative franchises. We’re going to call it now and say that not only will The LEGO Batman Movie be one of the funniest films of 2017, it will also be one of the very best Batman movies in a long line of great ones.

The LEGO Batman Movie will build its way into theaters in the US on February 10, 2017.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.