We get our first glimpse at the revival of Twin Peaks in the latest footage from Showtime, and it…doesn’t tell us much. For the uninitiated, I’m sure it looks like a pretty empty way to keep the hype machine running as the long-awaited third season of the series gets delayed again and again.

For fans like me, however, it’s exciting as hell. All the initial announcement teaser gave us was an old clip, a an image, and a vague release date, but seeing that familiar font was enough to blow my mind. This time around we get some shots of the shooting location, and some mystical narration from the now old as hell Michael Horse, who is presumably reprising his role as Hawk.

After going down the rabbit hole of standard-definition digital video in Inland Empire, Lynch is resurfacing with some beautiful cinematography. With most other shows, this would be a frustrating promo, but the setting is so integral to this show that it’s satisfying on a certain level. In typical Lynchian fashion, no beauty comes without some madness close behind. As the unveiling of the iconic town sign is interrupted by the blurred image of….Leland? BOB? Either way, I’m dying to find out, and after recent reboots getting it so right, I’m holding out hope that this one will work too.

See the latest teaser below:

Twin Peaks returns as a limited series to Showtime in 2017.

Featured Image: ABC