The creator of StrucciMovies was one of my first discoveries in my introduction to the culture of “film Twitter.” The YouTube video series is now one of my favorite sources of analysis for film and film-peripheral media, largely because it hits all of the points that I tend to trumpet as necessary and, in some cases, largely lacking in the content-heavy film corner of the internet. StrucciMovies presents analytical essays that exhibit high quality work and well-thought insight, a commitment to inclusiveness in the discussion, and an aversion to both elitism and lazy, insubstantial click-ready content.

The channel’s latest video offers an extended essay about offensive comedians, problematic films and filmmakers, and the need to approach this sort of art with empathy as a compass. In a conversation that too often topples into all-or-nothing– that is, split between the “callout” culture and the “either everything is fair or nothing is” counter-cop-out– the personal philosophical approach of nuance, artistic concern, and compassion could go a long way toward saving art and, ultimately, lives.

You can watch the video below, and if you like what you see, I strongly recommend supporting the channel on Patreon to ensure that we don’t lose this sort of useful content in the ocean of white noise.

Featured Image: Cartoon Network