The newest and most gorgeous trailer from the DC Universe is here. The latest trailer for Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman just dropped and gives us a much closer look at both the conflict at play and the aesthetic being used by DC this time around.

The subtle use of comedy that was introduced in Batman v Superman and applied  heavy handedly in this year’s Suicide Squad appears to fit in much more seamlessly in Wonder Woman, largely due to Chris Pine’s natural charisma and Gal Gadot’s deadpan delivery. The feminine touch of Patty Jenkins can’t hurt either.

In this trailer we get a glimpse of where Wonder Woman’s jaded sense of heroism originated and what she’s potentially fighting against: a war that could cause the end of the world obviously. DC also appears to have upped their game in the daylight department, utilizing a drastically brighter aesthetic than viewers have previously seen in this universe.

Basically the perfection of this new trailer for Wonder Woman reminds me of a quote I once heard by my dear friend Beyoncé: “Who run the world? Girls.”

Wonder Woman will hit theaters in the US on June 9, 2017.

Featured Image: Warner Bros. Pictures